Scientific GOD Institute is entering implementation phase

According to Dr. Huping Hu, Scientific GOD Institute (SGI) is entering implementation phase after he started the exploratory work. The purpose of SGI is to conduct scientific inquiries on the nature and origins of life, mind, physical laws and mathematics and their possible connections to a scientifically approachable transcendent Existence - he calls "Scientific GOD."

Four major projects are under development - a comprehensive web site, a popular magazine, a peer-reviewed scientific journal, and an extensive e-print archive for scholars to deposit and exchange research papers.

Dr. Hu says that the institute being explored is not about a particular religion nor is it focused on religious debates. Rather, it is an institution where scientists, philosophers, theologians and other learned scholars publish their research results and express their views on the issues outlined at the beginning. In doing so, He hopes that one day we will be able to answer scientifically the questions concerning us the most - who are we, where did we come from, where are we going, and, is there a Scientific GOD?

Dr. Hu says that funding is still a main issue and he is looking at all possibly sources. He can be reached through e-mail at support(at) or voice/fax at 212-898-1103.

Released on 10/01/2003.